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This is the absolute true fact: Hospitality in Greece surely brings the CHC Hotels’ brand signature!

A large group of partner – hotels of all categories, offering an excellent balanced combination of the highest quality services and the best value for money.

In fact, it is not by chance, that every each one of the guests of any CHC Hotel, relishes the Greek Hospitality, in such a way, that their simple holiday trip can and is turned into a series of unforgettable and memorable experiences, accompanying them for the rest of their lives.

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Luxury Accommodation

CHC Hotels’ vision is to offer its guests the ultimate dream vacation whether it is a weekend getaway, a business trip, a family holiday or a special event celebration. All guests can hide away and relax in marvelous and luxurious rooms, suites or bungalows by enjoying the peacefulness of the sea.

Private areas offering small private paradises surrounding by flourish gardens or private pools provide guests with the opportunity to take pleasure of this luxury like never before! Swimming in the crystal calm sea or pool waters and relishing the amazing spa experience always rejuvenate and improve the wellbeing of the guests, thus leading an authentic feel of luxury!

This is the CHC Hotels’ goal:
all guests deserve this truly luxurious accommodation!


Among all the other services, the CHC Hotels specialize in also offering its beloved guests a truly tasty and amazing food experience. A group of gastronomy professionals is committed to create delicious dishes coming from a variety of cuisines like the Mediterranean. International dishes are also prepared having a mixture of flavor, elegance and freshness. Our chefs donate their talent so that they can create the best results, covering all kinds of tastes.

The combination of the highest quality food service with the respect of the guests’ needs and demands leads to always satisfied and happy customers!


The most characteristic quality of the company is that it pledges and guarantees quality, complete customer satisfaction, increased revenue and maximized profitability for the hoteliers.


Multi annual experience that allocates in the application of the most modern methods of organization and administration constitutes guarantee only for positively-desirable results.


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